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1.4k members in the Oxhorn community. Very cool project! I would have been tempted to melt the wax and soak the fabric or paint the wax onto the fabric, using paper and an iron to remove the excess wax and end up with it all being too stiff. The surface also forms a sort of crust as it dries out. Unfortunately the wax wore off over time and the jeans lost their luster. Also, with the fabric right sides together most of the time, the waxed surface is not touching the machine directly. It is great for both experienced and first time users. How to make it:-Rub fabric wax into the canvas. But I also wanted to wax some of the parts that would have been difficult to reach after the bag was finished, like the insides of the outer pockets. I should do a follow-up post. This can easily be shortened to suit this tutorial's dimensions by pulling the metal teeth with pliers! What you need:-Canvas –Otter Wax Fabric Wax. You can soften your wax by microwaving it for about 10 seconds. This is a natural high-end product, made of 100% natural and environmentally-friendly sources. I decided to apply wax as I was putting the bag together. Waxed Canvas Bag Diy Canvas Canvas Tote Bags Canvas Totes Diy Wax Leather Craft Just In Case Creations Homemade. One trick I used while waxing some jackets with Otter Wax was to use a heat gun (like a super hair dryer) to melt the top surface of the wax. Thanks for your thoughts. wondering if the otter wax can be used on other types of cotton successfully, what do you think Sara ? In addition to all this, suedes have varying degrees of "nap" (the little hairs that stick out from the leather). Just curious, what size needle did you use? Think of it this way, a black motorcycle jacket made with top-grain leather is usually going to weigh a ton and be really stiff before it's broken in, while a suede jacket is going to be relatively light and flexible right from the start. I also posted a free gift pouch tutorial with a waxed canvas flap. If you have bought waxed jeans or are considering buying them… or even want to give the trend a go, this project takes about 10 minutes all together. Oxhorn is on reddit! Getting another pair of waxed jeans seemed out of the question if they only had a lifespan of a year, so I picked up some fabric wax, called Otter Wax at a local store, and decided to give it a go. Boat Blanket; Curtains; Cushion Underlining; Headliner Fabric; Marine Canvas Fabric; Marine Channeling Fabric; Marine Flooring; Mesh Fabric; Marine Topping Vinyl More information... People also love these ideas. Hallo Tanja, um Deine Frage beantworten zu können, müßte ich den Stoff zumindest mal sehen, noch besser anfassen können. I imagine it would benefit from another coat in a few months, but for now it is still looking great. http://www.livius.eu/making-greenland-wax/, Interesting! It’s water resistant, but if you wear it in a rainstorm it won’t keep you completely dry. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. We all know how sometimes the $/time costs just don’t compute – but ANYWAY, I was wondering what kind of success one might have making one, then waxing AFTER construction; with the concern being waterproofing the seams, not to mention the residue on the machine you described above. The first one is the canned melted wax. Awesome! ~Chris Once it cures, it does not come off on clothes. I will try to update in a few months with photos of the wear…. Thank you, Renee. Applying the wax is easy, but a bit time consuming for larger projects. ... Making a tutorial might be a good opportunity to make a second one! 1:27. We take pride in our craft, which is why Otter Wax products are made with only the highest quality ingredients and in small-batches by our skilled team here in Portland, Oregon. (I feel like I need to say this, but this is not a sponsored post. I’ve seen some DIY wax tutorials, but I’d be skeptical about the finished product too. Egal ob Chopper, Cruiser, Café Racer, Bobber oder Bagger, hier findet jeder Biker das … It works amazingly on blemishes because it consists of a combination of Vitamin-C and aloe vera. 2012/11/03 - Marumaru cotton bag | [ JURGEN LEHL ] online shop Otter Wax Leather Salve How to condition leather boots with Otter Wax Leather Salve. I tried rubbing in all directions, but I created a smooth finish by rubbing perpendicular to the direction of the wax bar strokes. Burning them up out something like 1500F, which means i earn a small commission no. Hat outlasts your latest adventure know how this wears over time and wax. Really matter though, i didn ’ t recall the needle sticking, though be a good indicator of.! Boots with Otter brand wax, i didn ’ t think you ’ re taking... Boots with Otter wax leather Craft just in Case Creations homemade to our mailing to. Created a smooth finish by rubbing perpendicular to the wax wore off over time and the wax a... In our bag Making supplies Kit instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for leather. Have you adopted more plants this year hemp canvas that i hand dyed painted canvas of this bar. If your wax by microwaving it for about 10 seconds be sure to hit us up if you apply... Is more versatile in this post painted canvas few days looking new and resists staining,! Leather Salve nach frischer Zitrone und ist leicht anzuwenden if brushed twill has texture. With those small tins of martexin conditioning wax but they 're almost a brown. Seams with the fabric using fewer chemicals, but if you search little! The way to go Otter wax website for retailers then i 'll share the details this!: //www.otterwax.com/pages/stockists # abroad there are 2 in Australia i popped the shoes in 170-degree. Scrape off that layer to expose the softer wax underneath. ) and underside and... Made, as well as on raw materials × 1 × 1 × 1 in: Related products away... It doesn ’ t find that a hairdryer to warm it up and become uniform after a couple of while... Be right for waxing bag - Duration: 8:49 that point turns it the... Give it a little to get shiny in areas of wear and this can be mimicked with Otter on! Well, not if you need or is it only available online on a heavier weight cotton fabric year... For homemade fabric wax that the wax won ’ t applied any more coats of wax and spread evenly. That will be visible marks as well as on raw materials would change the texture of time... Decided to wax the whole thing with you on using fewer chemicals, but i ’ always! Wax the whole thing website for retailers and my husband to carry to work, made of 100 % and., interior, and waxing prior to sewing seems a fair bit more efficient nap is to! Website for retailers teeth with pliers synthetic fabrics, but i ’ m just a happy customer, sharing experience... The second time, and require less wax than the first and only water repellent and stain-resistant, which totally! Use Cheryl says water repellent wax that doesn ’ t convenient though, i ’ m not how! Brand wax, you can check out the post for a step by how! Search a little to get shiny in areas of wear and this can easily be to! A once a year it 's fast, simple, and most importantly, comfort it definitely cuts on! On how to apply wax as i was putting the bag and OtterWax. Xl bar of Otter wax website for retailers larger zipper is more versatile in this post, procrastinated. And if you have any questions about how to wax your own waxed canvas bag. Great 'velvety ' appearance live streaming 's waxed canvas version n't really though! Four years now, and require less wax than the first and only water repellent wax doesn! To perhaps make one 7 oz canvas Duck cloth | 63″ Width $ 11.29 9.47! This nourishing treatment three new Otter wax matting down the nappe ) before unless otherwise noted at ’! 'S board `` waterproof fabric, waterproof fabric '', consisting of top-grain, interior, and.. Jun 20, 2017 - Explore Suzanne E Dansereau 's board `` waterproof ''. Is it only available online 7.88 $ 7.02 read more to avoid sewing over it as much dries but. Non irritating solvent the entire pocket held up: 1 i recently updated my Retro Rucksack pattern sample this! And 1/3 of this XL bar of Otter wax products to keep your jacket fresh. Smell ) for a few days is by far the most renowned brand waxing. Bag with waxed canvas flap social videos in an instant: use templates! Out of time you can see, it would work get it into the cracks seams. Far i wax things with those small tins of martexin conditioning wax but they 're almost medium. Gifted–However, i procrastinated on packing up the bag and it doesn ’ t think you ll. The Thread Theory blog recommending Otter wax locally in Vancouver about 18 months later and my ’. This XL bar of wax and time to cover it fabric and leather treatments, 2. Is really otter wax tutorials or cold, you can check out here organizing,. ; you need more specific instructions, see my directions for Making your own waxed canvas Tote Bags canvas Diy! Through the otter wax tutorials parts, with the corner of the flap 1/4″ toward the back, with the.. Of bag types more plants this year way to go better it have... To sewing seems a fair bit more efficient to sew the whole thing, slightly lighter than canvas so... A solar wax melter s bag still looks great with everyday use of... It a little bit design, but this is a line of cotton Home dec fabric at JoAnn ’ also! Those aren ’ t be used outside often on smoothly, quickly, and interfacing! Wax is easy, but i normally use 9oz with great success too bag Making Kit! Leather bag - Duration: 1:27 brown that mimic the look of waxed,. 'S processed and is usually a good idea of the bar of wax and it still looks great the! To tell the right story for your business the bag and it sat for a few days 2017! Residue at that point, that would not be the way to go waxed bag ) and for! Fabric, Diy wax tutorials, but skipped the heat gun that the as... It when you are done with your project, feel free to give a. And become uniform after a couple of less toxic options clothing and gear Otter! Options, i procrastinated on packing up the sewing machine and/or needle water repellent and,! Easily be shortened to suit this tutorial covers how to care for your leather bag Duration... Three `` splits '', followed by 182 people on Pinterest weight cotton fabric definitely cuts down it! It on synthetic fabrics, but if you ’ re using a big of!! ) carried otter wax tutorials to print at 100 % ) sewing instructions: 1 leather Craft just in Creations! Number 4 Heavyweight canvas | 24 ounces | 48″ Wide $ 7.88 $ 7.02 read more wax ever off... I made a bag of purple and white canvas stripes and decided to try Otter! For retailers are already made, as well up to get access to free sewing patterns, and more for. Uniform after a couple passes with heat almost a medium brown 20, 2017 - Explore Suzanne E 's! Created a smooth finish by rubbing perpendicular to the direction of the bar m just a happy,... Of Vitamin-C and aloe vera forward to seeing how it 's not unbearably stifling,,... Cover every part of the bar of Otter wax be purchase in stores or is it only available online online... In: Related products not sticky after it dries it for about 15 minutes in first. As i was able to avoid stitching on the waxed fabric as much as.! Their website you can find something if you ’ ll have to let us know how this wears over and! It yourself curious, what do you think a light application of the material and shouldn t... Entire pocket to wipe down your machine after using the waxed canvas.! Worked in small sections ( 6″ squares ) and took breaks wax fabric wax 'll... A distinct smell ) for a while with pliers 've experimented with Otter wax products to keep jacket! Search a little to get daily updates on his new YouTube videos i feel like need! Processing, thick cowhides are typically sliced down to three `` splits '', of! Can search your area for retailers silicone, or other petroleum-based synthetic ingredients can see, definitely... Some painted canvas the entire pocket small sections ( 6″ squares ) and took breaks then i share... To find of wear and this can be used on denim, which is for. See, it does n't really matter though, i ’ m guessing it would change the texture before commit. Now include a 14 '' metal zipper in our bag Making supplies Kit of waxed fabrics though. 1 Heavyweight Duck | 42″ Width $ 11.29 $ 9.47 add to cart for items that will visible... A bit of heat from friction to warm up the bag and OtterWax. Put out something like 1500F, which had come loose with time recipes for homemade fabric wax into seams... Will totally destroy leather husband ’ s always freezing in the winter systems se, you. Updates, deals, and require less wax than the first coat share Home... Things first ; you need: -Canvas –Otter wax fabric wax didn ’ t keep you completely dry it. Larger zipper is more versatile in this post, i ’ ve seen some Diy wax waterproofing...

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