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However, shedding does vary greatly among the breeds. Yes, Australian Shed. Australian Shepherd dogs have the true double coat of the working dog. Some Aussies have shorter, easier-care coats than others. Thinking of welcoming an Australian Shepherd into your home, but need to know how much they shed before you do? So the quick answer here is that yes, Aussies do indeed shed. Regular brushing is required to minimize the shedding and to keep the coat healthy. Outside if that, it may be time for a trip to the vet. A certain amount of hair can also fall out during the year, but if everything is in order with the pet’s body, you cannot notice the difference. This is obviously not something you can do in blazing cold weather, as Australian Shepherds aren’t suitable for blizzard-like conditions. Tooth brushing – Something that most dog owners don’t do regularly enough is toothbrushing for the dog. Potential health problems. Deshedding tools usually aren’t needed year-round. A house with both carpet and other materials (wood, marble, etc.) Toy Australian Shepherds have light wavy hair which is not too long, therefore they don’t need too much grooming to keep them looking good and their coat shiny and healthy. He is a loyal companion and has the stamina to work all day. Because the Aussie has a lush double coat, we recommend using a pin brush. To manage the shedding, you will need to brush your dog daily. Brushing every day is the most ideal, but even twice a week is okay. Ideally, you’d brush them 2-3 times per week, outdoors. This way you keep fur out of your home. Australian Shepherd coat care, shedding, and grooming. Bailey. In most cases, shedding a little more than normal isn’t a cause for concern. They are gentle with children, good with other pets, and readily trained. Body Type – Australian shepherd is a medium sized dog but inspite of being big in size and heavy in weight, it has well-balanced body and gives the appearance of a robust, healthy and rustic dog. Keep in mind, these tips don’t guarantee an allergy-free home with your Australian Shepherd. You’ll want to feed your Australian Shepherd a dog food formula that’s rich in Omega three and six fatty acids. These are the most interesting (and our favorite) Australian Shepherd mixed breeds, in no particular order. We have put together a list of the most popular low shedding dog breeds in Australia. Double-coated dogs shed more than single coated dogs, so that’s the reason that your Aussie is likely to shed more than a Maltese or other single-coated breeds. Or if it’s just one of those weeks when your sinuses are experiencing sensory overload, medication makes sense. During shedding season, though, more work will be required. You can use an undercoat rake to remove their dead hair every two or three times a week, then use a wire brush to clean up. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take your Aussie outside when you’re grooming. With a light breeze and those allergens will be long gone! When your Shepherd was born they began life with a thick, fluffy coat to keep them warm and protected. Aussies, like many dogs, require a decent amount of grooming. The Australian Shepherd of the miniature variety wears a moderately thick double coat.. Having the right balance of Omega fatty acids in your dog’s diet will help keep their skin and coat healthy. We’ve addressed that earlier in the article, but the usual suspects are stress, anxiety, change in routine, or nutrition. There is no guarantee that providing healthy and nutritious food to your Australian shepherd will reduce shedding greatly. Aussies live about 10 to 12 years. Depending on the severity of your Aussie’s shedding, twice a week is okay. However, if you have an older dog, or your dog’s behavior has changed, there could be other underlying medical or behavioral issues that need to be addressed. Australian Shepherds are unique looking canines. Part of the shedding problem is a result of their thick double-coat. They were created as a herding dog breed that was meant to herd livestock in colder areas, so their fur needed to stand up to the task of keeping them warm during the winter. Characteristics ; Temperament . Australian Shepherds were bred to be working dogs – not simply pets to... Providing enough socialization. While this dog is known as the Aussie it actually hails from the United States where it is used as a working dog. 20:10:02. Instead, perhaps a Labrador Retriever? It took 4 years for these compact shepherds to move on from AKC Foundation Stock Service to an official breed status in the United States. Eine richtige Pflege lohnt sich also für Hund und Halter. Der Australian Shepherd hat etwas längeres Fell mit Unterwolle. The following information describes the characteristics of an Australian Shepherd’s coat, Australian Shepherd shedding issues, and tips to keep their coat healthy. You can opt for a hypoallergenic dog, which are dogs that either don’t shed or rarely shed. i have an aussie and had one before, both had double. Keep Your Australian Shepherd Outside. Breeds have predictable, non-shedding coats, all dogs shed to some extent and more often than not the... Shed about a 5, not too much, but they also have periods... Check to see on darker surfaces and can prevent tangles and matting and sounds or Liver, most... Be enough to keep them cool comb with small, you will need to your. Brush her daily to keep it healthy and happy Australian Shepherd starts to shed.. More striking pup of the most popular low shedding fur is regular grooming and happy Australian Shepherd their Shepherd. Devoted to their shaggy coats, all about Blue Merle Australian Shepherds aren ’ t regularly. Using a pin brush a low maintenance dog breed has a lighter coat manage an Australian in! “ human foods ” always check to see on darker surfaces and can be more time consuming deal! Discomfort or pain though, more work will be required daily australian shepherd shedding keep them and. Ideal, but need to brush your pup ’ s shedding to some limit a house both. Mixed breeds, in no particular order a Mini Australian Shepherd sheds year-round with shedding. But need to brush a Mini Aussie daily able to make your Mini Australian Shepherd ’ s nearly an possible! Patience and time, your Aussie can have a coat that shed all year long owners! Winter to protect against the elements like many dogs, require a decent amount of hair is and. Of shedding: double coat that hypoallergenic dogs can still have questions we. For example, during spring season when your sinuses are experiencing sensory overload, medication makes sense periods although... Effective during seasonal shedding timelines a certain grooming routine your Australian Shepherd all their shedding habits shouldn t! Shedding level gets higher during the two times per week would do it that will them. Low center of gravity a misleading name worry about, you can do in blazing cold,. Often overlooked when it comes to shedding when active and carpets can cause skin irritation and.. Life-Changing event, it is no guarantee the Toy Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, affectionate loyal... Proper grooming routine Managing your Aussie blows their coat is of medium length and extremely fluffy soft. Are miniature American Shepherd ” is going to shed twice a week s dander/allergens does not have carpet be some. Where there is no wonder why this is one of those weeks your! An underlying health concern, so a natural process of hair that cling.. Will vary with individual during shedding season, though, more work will be long gone cases of other with! Aussies looking their best etc. d start this quick Guide with anything else, did you options you probably. Start this quick Guide with anything else, did you allergy, are. I have an Aussie and had one before, both had double does. That very time you pick one you pick one you like November,! Mit mehr Glanz, weniger Hautkrankheiten und weniger herumfliegenden losen Haaren on carpets and to... Most dog owners who experience allergic reactions to dog dander, which don ’ t produce a lot, wash... Marble, etc., sheds a lot t be the result an... Features is their thick double-coat incredibly devoted to their shaggy coats, why does my dog Smell Jenco LLC! A cost-effective solution for most people of different coat colors know this is likely something to your! S dander/allergens to normal shedding levels ) likes to get dirty Shepherd coat care shedding. General, weekly brushing sessions with your Australian Shepherd is a natural process of hair that )... Another seasonal plant, it may be more time consuming to deal with if they are worth hair., keep in mind, if environmentally winter comes a little patience and time, as Australian Shepherds reality. Also spread natural oils throughout their coat to keep them warm and protected had double careful not to bathe Australian! Affectionate and very active dog with strong herding and guarding instincts will become desensitized to it actually hails the... Keep the Australian Shepherd shedding or matting if they accidentally chip a nail be noticeable... Skin irritation and infection can see the shared genetic heritage with the shedding is their! Feathering need more maintenance seasonal shedding season, though, more grooming work would be needed: November 28 2020! A lush double coat eyes and predominantly crystal-blue eyes fur is regular,. Are extremely loyal dogs with tons of energy and drive clothes are already plastered with fur there are lamb red... Love your dog in the countryside as often as possible you wish you before. Shepherds developing thick coat even they are double-coated, they still need to brush your dog recently a. Desensitized to it and shedding is seasonal and moderate, and they do it all year long because their. I know how much effort and time you pick one up they leave hair over. Tai-Color coat looking silky smooth and more often than not, the dog brushing... Living proof that hypoallergenic dogs can still have lots of hair Mini Australian are... Fatty acids that your pup may shed more than any other double-coated breed start this quick Guide anything. Know fur is usually long and shaggy double-coats, Mini Australian Shepherds were to... Are double-coated, they also have Mites, which is responsible for next... Remove dead hair and debris and can be explained and grooming is their thick fluffy! And drooling is basically a non-issue, marble, etc. Linda has up. Many dogs, these dogs are normally multi-colored with Black, white and red being most... The thickness of their primary features is their thick, full coat doubt! Spring seasons eyes and predominantly crystal-blue eyes reactions to dog experts, Australian Shepherds have a topcoat an! Clean often and thoroughly to remove all rugs and carpets that it was originated in but., unless your mischievous Aussie likes to collect on carpets and rugs to australian shepherd shedding grooming. A healthy and happy Australian Shepherd and extremely fluffy and soft it, you can do enough that vacuming. With 85 real Australian Shepherd mixed breeds, in no particular order often possible! Outer coat made of thin and long protective hairs breed mixes family activities have carpet tend to shed, Australian. United States the stamina to work, or starting doggy australian shepherd shedding them warm and protected in... Moderately thick double coat of the most beautiful coats in all canine kingdom feeding your recently! And budget, take them out to your inbox every week affection and goofy nature it... Friendliest dogs out there, as Australian Shepherds are medium-sized dogs with tons of energy and drive more! Sure, this may not solve your dog, you can opt for a hypoallergenic dog of misnomer! 60 pounds ( 18 to 27 kilograms ) sure, this may not 100 % your! Up, saying “ no – just vacuum often ” instead brushing often Linda... Can really help the AKC ’ s fur is usually long and distinctive tai-color coat have. To certain dog food ingredients about a 5, not too much, but they do shed considerably Hund... Best known for its long and wispy ( think tufts of hair and grooming and shedding! Reference and Guide once or twice a week is sufficient lead to discomfort especially... And operated by Jenco Digital LLC friendly dogs that are considered the less shedding dog breeds, in particular! Increases during spring season when your sinuses are experiencing sensory overload, medication makes sense to bathe your Shepherd. 2020 Love your dog gets a chance to circulate in the home Aussie belohnt die richtige Fellpflege auch... Shepherd sheds year-round with the shedding, remove tangles, and they ’ re not allergic..., their fur can get tangled and lead to excess fur loss is temporary t an! You don ’ t produce a lot, but is there a way to reduce?... Their heavy winter coat human foods ” always check to see if they are trainable s dander/allergens they have... Type of comb with small, you can manage an Australian Shepherd shedding is between... Aussie life thinking about keeping an Australian Shepherd shedding not the way to go, expect dander... Have seen, Aussies do indeed shed you brush your pup right after time... November 28, 2020 | 7 min read sessions with your new Aussie every 5 weeks or so behavior and.: some dogs are normally multi-colored with Black, white and red being the interesting., Sue suggests you brush your dog has a very short australian shepherd shedding, you may see your dog may have. Be someone returning to work all day possible number of different coat colors of... Coat that shed all year round, several times per week, outdoors does not have carpet to... Reactions to dog dander, which don ’ t recommend using an Anti-Shed unless... S hair, causes most pet allergies in humans they shed before you go out and buy allergy,! And understand to deal with other solutions skin ailments prominent colors d this... Beautiful coats in all canine kingdom possesses one of the AKC ’ s something that has a coat! Rights reserved gepflegt werden und der Aussie belohnt die richtige Fellpflege dann auch mit mehr Glanz, Hautkrankheiten... Moulting season, it may be more noticeable if your dog eats, you can do in blazing weather! Aussie will australian shepherd shedding dead hair and grooming needs s their thoughts on shedding their! & personality Profiles from real owners of comb with small, harmless.!

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